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Somebody asked me a while go about my favorite things and the things I like to do the most... Guess it won't hurt to post some of them, so you'd know me a bit better:

slow_food1 To cook & to eat slow food

Manga Manga & anime

Books-06 Books.... a looooot of books :)

percussions Playing percussions

water-04 Swimming or just relaxing near a big body of water

Cream_puff_Spivack Cream-puffs, eclairs, profiterole...

traveling Travelling everywhere

digital-camera Nature Photography

salsa Salsa dancing

calligraphy Calligraphy

tattoo-artist-tattooing-client The art of tattooing

What's Your Intellectual Virtue?

Your Intellectual Virtue is Intuition

Of all the types, you probably have the most trouble explaining your intellectual process. You just seem to sort things out.
You are amazing at processing everything around you without even realizing it. Your ideas and theories come out of left field.

Some people may try to rein you in and get you to be more structured, but they are wrong. You have a good thing going on.
Your biggest challenge is not developing your intellect but actually trusting yourself. You are almost always on the right track.


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What Flavor Cannoli Are You?

You Are an Orange Cannoli

You are both engaging and energetic. You live life with an unmatched curiosity and vigor.
You are inquisitive and open to exploring new territory. You live life youthfully, no matter what your age is.

You are very responsive to the world around you. You are aware of everything going on, and you like to get in the mix.
You are quite social and happy to be with others. You are a true extrovert - other people truly interest you!


What Winter Olympic Sport Are You?

You Are Snowboarding

You are a very spontaneous person. You don't like to plan, and you tend to follow your gut.
You tend to be a natural at whatever you do well. Even if you practice a ton, it's only because it doesn't feel like practice.

You can seem a bit irresponsible to those who don't know you well. You're on your own path, and it's one they don't recognize.
You follow your bliss, and some are very threatened by that. You always enjoy the ride though!

What's Your Nature Color?

Your Nature Color is Blue

Being in nature makes you feel open. There's so much to discover and explore in the outside world.
You feel both an flexibility and serenity in the outdoor world. You accept whatever comes your way.

Nature helps you be a more patient and understanding person. You can't rush nature - no matter how hard you try.
When the world inside is just too chaotic, all you need is to step outside for a few minutes. Then you can begin to recover... and breathe.

What Color Do You Paint the World?

You Should Paint the World with Yellow

If there's anything you think the world needs more of, it's levity, happiness, and pure joy.
You're the first to admit that life can be hard... and tragic. But you don't just make lemons out of lemonade - you make a lemonade stand!

You strive to make a positive change in the world every day. You inspire, heal, create, and teach as often as you can.
You aren't in the business of collecting material possessions. You don't measure yourself by the world's idea of success.

Are You an Elitist or an Egalitarian?

You Are a Progressive

You believe that everyone should be given a fair shake at life, but that doesn't mean giving people handouts.
You simply would like an even playing field where people can all work to get ahead. And you'd like to help those who struggle in life.

You feel like we have progressed a lot in the modern world toward equality, but we still have a way to go.
You don't think that we need to remake all of society to make things better... but a few changes are in order!


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