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ngc7023's Journal

Be M.P.
30 September 1983
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I'd like to have been there when the broadswords hummed and the Viking longships ruled the beaten seas. Ideally, I'd wake in some cedarwood pavilion in Old Kyoto, where the maple trees reflect on the tranquil morning lake, later going to work at a job that haven't been invented yet; but until then, playing percussions or being an editor would do. If I thought about it, I really need go traveling much more than I do, with no strings, no visas, just the freedom to move and get away whenever I want, and sometimes I wish I could ride the biggest waves in the world on my own Billabong Odyssey, my own big blue.
I'd like to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, and it would be amazing to hang out on an island of my own in some far-off tropical sea, one never touched by human contact.
Pets? I'd like a tiger you can cuddle and whose breath doesn't smell of yesterday's wildebeest. Finally, I'd like to throw a beach party where the limbo is optional, and maybe I'd invite a unicorn along as a surprise guest.